About the Authors

A social activist and prolific artist since childhood, Rashani Réa continues to be a resilient voice in the emerging inter-spiritual movement. Her non-sectarian offerings are rooted in nature, social justice, self-inquiry, the Deep Feminine, Wu-wei, ancient perennial wisdom traditions and several contemporary psycho-spiritual teachings. She has recorded 15 albums of Soetry (songs and poetry), published 40 books and has created more than 350 greeting cards in celebration of the diversity of timeless wisdom. A mother, lover, grief whisperer, builder & architect, tree planter, devoted gardener & landscape artist, Rashani has co-created two eco-sanctuaries on the Big Island of Hawai`i, where she currently resides. She has been facilitating retreats and offering councils, kirtans and participatory concerts throughout the world for the past 35 years and offers 2 and 4-week individual & group retreats at Kipukamaluhia Sanctuary—her home—in Hawai`i.

Other Books by Rashani include:

go slowly, breathe and smile, co-authored with Thich Nhat Hanh
Beyond Brokenness. (The Danish version is called Sangen I Sorgen)
The Time of Transformation is Here
Chakra Poems
A Soft Imminence of Rain: Celtic Poems by Alice O. Howell
A Cry of Windbells
My Bird Has Come Home
The Unfurling of an Artist: Early Collages and Calligraphy of Rashani Réa
Welcome to the Feast: In Celebration of Wholeness
Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight?: Turning Words
and Bodhi Leaves
Mahalo: Visual Koans for the Pathless Journey
Always Choose Love
Moonlight on a Night Moth’s Wing: A Fusion of Image and Word
True Golden Sand
Timeless Offerings
The Way Moonlight Touches
Shimmering Birthless: A Confluence of Verse and Image
An Unfolding of Love
Touched by Grace: Through a Temenos of Women
Territory of Wonder
Gossamer Mirrors
In Praise of Love: A Dialogue Between a Dove and a Ladybug
The Disappearance
The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation
A Brief Collision with Clockocracy
I Can Hear Her Breathing
Collaborating with the Inevitable
The Fire of Darkness: What Burned Me Away Completely, I Became
Only One Surrender
Three Children’s Stories, which include: Present Moment, Colorful Moment:
Sharing Present Moment Awareness with Children, Tao and the Moon
and Can You Draw a Shooting Star?: A Child’s Experience and Expression of Loss
The Mercurial Impermanence of Aliveness
Who or What Remains?
Pencil Sharpeners and Thunderstorms
A Coven of Dakinis: In Honor of Thirteen Women Who Have Touched My Life
Contentment Runs Like a Deep Continuo
Waves into Water

Rashani also created collections of collages for Leaves from Moon Mountain by
Dorothy Hunt and Gathering Silence by Ivan M. Granger


Inspired poetry has been flowing through Chelan Harkin for years though her publishing journey is only a year and a half old. Her launch into sharing her poetry with the world has been mystical, transformational and filled with prayer experiments gone right. She is thrilled to now be offering speaking events nationally and internationally. Chelan is 33 years old and lives in a geographically spectacular region of Washington state in the US with her husband, Noah, and their two small, beautiful children, Amari and Nahanni. In her poetry and in her life, Chelan continually invites the fumbling, suffering parts of our human nature along with our divinity to meet for tea in the heart, to have a great laugh, celebrate our sacred grief and share a big hug. Along with Taste the Sky, she has authored two other books of poetry, Susceptible to Light and Let Us Dance!: The Stumble and Whirl with The Beloved. More to come soon!

Other Books by Chelan include:

Susceptible to Light: Poetry by Chelan Harkin
Let Us Dance: The Stumble and Whirl with the Beloved
Wild Grace